Top 8 Ways Your Life Will Change after Getting Your First Tattoo

How Is Life Different for Those With Ink?
If you are now weighing in the ways in which your life can change after getting a tattoo, then there are some things you need to take into account. Sure, you might expect that little drawing to make a world of a difference or you might be realistic and know that it can only have as much power as you give it.
Either way, there are things you need to know from people who are already in the community of tattoo wearers, things it pays to be aware of in advance. We have made a list with only some of them. It is up to you to dig deeper and see what else you can find out.

8 Ways a Tattoo Can Change Your Life

1.People Will Ask You about Them

Get ready for the third degree, even from people you do not want to interact with. It is a conversation starter, no matter how you put it. Just like any form of art, the meaning of your own tattoo is open for interpretation. So regardless of whether you did it to get attention or you actually did it for yourself, people will ask you about it. Another downside of this? The questions will generally be the same: what it means, how badly it hurt, how much it cost, where you had it done. And repeat.

2.It Might Not Always Fit Your Mood

Imagine getting a colorful tattoo on a very visible body part. Then having a day when you were not as cheerful, yet your tattoo told you and the world a completely different story. You might be met with a lot of expectations of being perky and always up for a good joke. Other times, simply catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror can throw you off. It’s not that you hate the tattoo or you regret it. It just does not let you blend in for a second. It would be like wearing a flamboyant colorful costume when you wish to sit down and merge with the chair or the sofa.

3.You Need to Think about Your Work Environment

Tattooed soldier
Some jobs have clear requirements about not having tattoos on visible body parts. Public clerks, financial and legal consultants, special agents and soldiers fall in this category.
The creative industry clearly makes an exception, especially since many of the people in this industry are self-employed and since people expect them to be more eccentric. Other workplaces have nothing against tattoos that can be covered with clothes.
Actually, many of them do not even mention it. However, if you are thinking twice about getting a tattoo, thing ten times more about getting a neck or a face tattoo for the obvious reasons.

4.Some People Will Think They Can “Read” You

Tattooed woman holding a book
Apart from being judged and catalogued, which, yes, still happens even today, having people think they “know” you simply because they can see and interpret an image is the most annoying thing. And if you think of getting something so intricate and hard to understand at a first glance, you are back to square one with people asking about it. This is simply something you need to own up to. Getting a tattoo in a visible place will draw attention and some people simply have no notion of personal boundaries.

5.Some Countries Have Very Strict Policies about Tattoos

When you have tattoos, traveling may prove to be a problem. Japan has a strict “no tattoos” policy at some public swimming pools and you could get deported from some Muslim countries for tattoos containing religious messages with clear references.
You never know how someone may interpret your tattoo as being offensive.
This is also a reason for you to make sure you know and understand the message of your tat when it is in a different language or when it is represented by a symbol.
It would be pretty awkward to discover on site that you are sporting a religious slur or a bad stamp people in that country can read loud and clear.

6.You Learn to Live with Your Decisions

A girl with tattoos having a relaxing cup of tea
Self acceptance is something people should know more about. Getting a tattoo and loving it, even when it does not fit the occasion, the candidate profile or other people’s expectations, is the best thing you could do. Learn to love it, accept it as part of yourself and it will really change your life for the better.

7.Once You Are in “That” Category of People You Better Understand How Limited the Point of View Is

Maybe you do not feel different right after you get your tattoo and everything seems to fall into place. As if you always had it. However, interacting with people may be different and coming across some types of people may even change your opinion on a lot of things.
Faced with narrow-mindedness, being gratuitously judged and having people think they know who you are, can change you. Just make sure it changes you for the good.

8.You Become More Aware of People with Tattoos

Beautiful woman with tattooed arms
Getting a tattoo means going through the experience itself. It implies talking to the artist, spending time at the parlor, looking at great designs.
It will teach you to appreciate other people’s ink and personal statement. And judging from your own experience with it, you will know how to keep boundaries and when to interact and spark up a fulfilling conversation with someone like you.
It can make you cool and it can empower you. On the other hand, tattoos can have their own limitations. It all depends on how confident you are and how you wear them. Owning up to your decisions makes all the difference.