7 Body Painting Festivals You Should Know about If You Are Into Body Art

Plan Your Vacation around These Festivals
You simply cannot be into body art and not go to at least one of these amazing festivals. You can discover new body painting techniques or find out who are the industry’s hottest artists and newest trends. And if you treat your skin like a canvas, you can always get inspiration for your next tat. All in all, the experience is amazing and seeing artistic work come to life and the human body presented in such unique manners, can make a world of different for any person with a passion for body art. We are sure of it. Therefore, here are some of the biggest body art festivals in the world.

7 Body Painting Festivals You Should Attend

1.World Body Painting Festival in Austria

Black and white installation at the World Body Festival in 2016
The Austrian World Body Painting Festival has celebrated its 20th edition in 2016, which is pretty impressive. Every year in July, body painters and models gather to create a colorful world whose boundaries are being constantly surpassed. The festival is an amazing success story as the increasing number of visitors and the constant need for infrastructure has determined organizers to look for new and better locations. The 2016 edition was held in Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia and it seems that this might just be the new and official location from now on.

2.The European Body Painting Festival in the Netherlands

Can Amsterdam become even more alive and have more exciting attractions? It seems that way. If you happen to be visiting this fair city in the middle of August, you might just come across the participants to the European Body Painting Festival. And while the artists are hard at work and the models are patiently waiting to be turned into living works of art, you can eat, listen to music and enjoy a wide variety of events only such a festival can offer.

3.Living Art America

Participants and models at the Living Art America Festival
What will happen if you attend the Living Art Festival in America? Probably what happens to all those present. At first, you would not know what to look at as there would be so many amazing creations catching your eye. Then, your sight would settle on those models you think are more intricate, more beautiful, more unique. But do not take our word for it. Go to the festival and you will see we were right about it in every detail. The event takes place in Atlanta and it will hold its 9th edition in 2017.

4.Paintopia in Norwich

You take a theme, some well chosen models and very talented artists. What do you get? The Paintopia Festival in London. The theme in 2016 was the urban jungle, which made for a very colorful, vibrant and inspired event. The competition was held in the Sprowston Manor Hotel and organizers claimed that 2017’s edition will be held at the same location.

5.Fantasy Fest in Florida

Participants at Fantasy Fest in 2012
If you are looking for a great experience, then Fantasy Fest will meet every expectation from a body painting event. And if you want to get painted on by one of the best body painters in the US, you can. There are strict rules for getting your body painted, like paying for the opportunity, booking a time and keeping it and not wearing oil, creams or other substances on your body because the paint might not stick. Also, give it enough time and do not hurry the artist.

6.The Australian Body Art Festival

Participants at the Eumundi Australian Body Painting Festival
When Australian artist Ria Clauss attended the Austrian Body Painting event in 2007, she knew she had to do something similar for the people back home to enjoy without having to travel so many miles. This is how the Australian Body Art Festival was created. The event is just as eclectic and creative as the one it pays homage to on the old continent and it is well worth attending.

7.The Body Art Festival in Serbia

Belgrade is changing and it is catching up to other big European capitals through its numerous cultural events. The Body Art Festival held every year for 4 years now, is one event that started drawing in more and more visitors. For 2017, the event is scheduled in April and it has the challenging theme of Art History. There will be a face painting contest, a fashion make-up contest and a full body painting contest. This is nothing short of a full out body painting event, comparable to the other festivals held all over the world.

It’s refreshing to know that when you have a passion, you can help it evolve and share it with other people just as curious and interested. Body painting opens up a new world to any art lover and the numerous festivals held all over the world give you the chance to experience the excitement of living art. The talent of each artist is on display and the professional models are picked so as to best represent the vision. Better than a piece of canvas, live bodies give a lot of depth, warmth and a human feel to all artistic concepts.