9 Mistakes People with Tattoos Would Like to Go Back in Time to Fix

Top Reasons to Think Before You Ink
Don’t get us wrong. This is not the kind of article with people regretting the very moment they decided to get a tattoo.
It is, however, the kind of article where we put down the things people would change about their many tattoos.
Someone with a passion for ink and who treats skin like a canvas has also gathered a lot of experience along with the collection of wonderful designs.
So, if you ever run into a tattoo artist who does not want to make many recommendations and you are alone in your decision, keep in mind a few of these things just to be on the safe side.

9 Things People with Tattoos Learnt the Hard Way

1.Getting a Face or Neck Tattoo Will Seriously Affect Your Career

Visible neck tattoo

Sure, more and more people are open to the idea and you even see young professionals sporting tattoo sleeves in meetings and CEOs bragging about their ink. However, you must ask yourself the following questions:
• Are you planning on getting a job in the creative or in the financial industry?
• Are you at such a level at what you do that people have stopped hiring you for how you look and they are only convinced by the credentials?
• Could you ever aspire to reach a level within your company where a face or a neck tattoo would not be appropriate?

2.Never Tattoo Your Lover’s/Spouse’s Name

A large name tattoo
No matter how strongly you feel about a person now, you might regret getting their name tattooed if the relationship ever comes to an end. And it is a shame having to plan another trip to the tattoo parlor just to get it removed or covered. A better idea would be to get a tattoo of a shared interest or of something you used to do together and you can still enjoy afterwards.

3.Never Tattoo a Sag Prone Area

Funny cartoon about how skin sags and ruins tattoos
Belly, breasts, buttocks. If you get a tattoo on these areas when you are young, you end up looking for them lower on your body as you age. It does not look appealing and it might end up being a constant reminder of where everything used to be. Sure, it might be difficult to have to think so far ahead, but trust us. Future you will appreciate it.

4.Take into Account the Natural Curves of Your Body

One tattoo design might look amazing on someone else, but you have to take into account the natural curves of your own body. Always ask for a stencil. You might change your mind once you see it on. Actually, we recommend doing this, and if for any reason you feel like changing something, just imagine how it would have been if you had the tattoo done directly. Feel that cold sweat bead up and think about how close you came to lifetime regret.

5.Never Tattoo an Area That Grows Hair

It should be common sense that if the tattoo artist has to keep shaving the area for every session, hair will still grow over your tattoo. So why have it done there in the first place? Not to mention how weird the combination between body hair and a drawing might look if things… do not align. Tattoos are meant to be pieces of art which you must feel proud to wear and others must admire. How do you think people will look at a well done cartoon character with hair sprouting from all over its tiny, cute body?

6.Never Get a Tattoo of a Cartoon, a Character of a Symbol of Current Culture

“This too shall pass.” And we refer here to your temporary passion for something you strongly identify with.

7.Check the Size of the Tattoo

Some people find cool images on the Internet and ask for a small tattoo done just like that. What they do not take into account is the fact that by scaling down, details are lost and the tattoo might not look as impressive.

8.Keep the Design Open for Modifications – Just in Case

Example of a simple tattoo that can be colored in and modified in time
Keep your tattoo simple. You never know when you will grow tired of it and go in for a change, for an upgrade. Start with something small and see how you feel about it in time.

9.Don’t Bargain. It is really not the time

You get what you pay for and this is never more valid than in the case of choosing a tattoo parlor. Really good artists have higher rates. But this only guarantees the quality of your tattoos. You know… the ones you are supposed to live with forever. Therefore, no matter how simple and easy to make you imagine your tattoo is, always look for the best place in town, look for credentials and ask about how they work.
Can we guarantee a tattooing experience you will not regret as soon as you walk out the door? It depends on the design you choose.
Can we guarantee you will not regret it a few years from now? It depends on how well you have it done.
Can we guarantee you will never regret it in your life? Well… no matter how much we try to prepare you for everything, there must always be room for your own experiences and for the stuff you learn from them, right?