11 of the Most Common Types of Tattoos Even Artists Are Tired Of

Do Not Get These Tattoos If You Wish to Be Unique
We all know the cool things TV and the Internet keep bombarding us with. Celebrities set the tone and journalists and bloggers cannot shut up about them. Hypes are born and people fall for them, propagating a few ideas more than they should.
So where do you draw the line between what is cool and unique and what is done by, literally, everybody? And what do you do if you don’t usually spend your days among people who are regularly getting tattoos and everything seems new to you?
You consult the tattoo artists, of course. They can tell you which types of requests have been done so often they could do them in their sleep.

11 of the Most Common Tattoo Requests in a Tattoo Parlor

1.The Tribal Pattern

Tribal tattoo
Unless you are a Maori or a person coming from a community where these tattoos are a usual practice and one with meaning, then you should probably think of something else when you are getting inked. Also, if you insist on getting something of the kind, at least read up on the people whose tradition you are diving into so as not to embarrass yourself when questions about the tattoo start pouring in. These designs are meant to do more than just emphasize muscles, you know.

2.The Arm Band

It is discreet and you can think of it as a form of personal adornment. Also, it seems that some people find a sort of comfort in the idea of an arm band as it looks different that one single piece of drawing standing alone on your skin. The arm band looks fixed, it seems as if it has its own place on your body and it is an easy pick. Probably a reason why so many people got such tattoos.

3.Anything with Feathers

They look delicate and they make you feel free, rebellious, unique, untamed. In reality, they make you fit in just right with the millions of other people with feather tattoos. The worst part is that there are some pretty common patterns most of those going for feathers seem to be circling around.

4.Infinity Sign with Text

Infinity sign with birds and text
These tattoos must have looked nice when they were done on clients for the first times. Now, they just look like a very old and used up idea. Is this a better option to getting a “forever” type of tattoo? You decide. Or better yet, check the reaction of your tattoo artist and be open to some of his/her ideas of remembrance tattoos.


A cool idea in its time, though it has been severely overdone. Most people choose their own signs with or without captions. However, it is still a more versatile category and a good artist can take this idea and make something greater than what you originally had in mind.

6.Native American Patterns

They are very cool and some of the more interesting out there. But do you know why that is? Because they have a sense and a purpose. Unless you are Native American or you come from such a community, it is best to avoid making such associations with a people who still values its traditions. You risk some pretty awkward conversations with those entitled to wear them.

7.The Word “Believe”

Just how unique do you think that same “believe” word can be? It may have a special meaning to you, but since so many others chose to make it their personal ink encrusted statement and they wear it proudly on their skin, you should maybe choose something else.

8.EKG Readings

There is no heart like yours and there is no idea like yours. If you told yourself that, you are one of millions of people thinking of getting an EKG reading tattoo. Sure, it was a novelty and a cool thing in the beginning, but you can count on those who borrow ideas to make them impersonal and worn out by now.


They look nice, they really do. And it is almost a pity that they have been such a common request in tattoo parlors.


Tattoo of a feather breaking into a flock of birds
Bird tattoos are right up there with feather tattoos. They make you feel all that special, until you find 10 other people sporting them at the same party.


Arrow tattoo
The universal hipster stamp, arrow tattoos were all the rage a few years back. Young girls going to music festivals, wearing hats and talking about concepts they could not properly understand would sport these small arrows with variations of geometric forms, watercolors or names around them. It was nice while it lasted, we give you that. But once you’ve seen the same tattoo on too many people, you should lose interest.
Before you decide to get a very cool tattoo you saw on someone on the street, consult your tattoo artist. You never know how they can stop you from making a mistake you might regret only hours after. They are the ones who know all requests, who can tell you what is unique and what would stand out. You could even go for something they recommend and a completely different design. The versatile artists at some of the best parlors have the skill to do something truly different, truly personal and unique.