Should You Get a Tattoo? Here Are the 10 Reasons Other People Do It

Are You Getting Inked for the Right Reasons?

We always associate the idea of getting a tattoo with something incredibly cool. People with tattoos are edgy and badass, the kind of confident individuals who always stand up for themselves, speak their mind, never back down in an argument and who know how to make an impression, right?
But do they have tattoos because this is something such people do, or do they become such people because they want to be like that and they get the tattoos to empower themselves? Does a tattoo change you or does it define you? Why do people get tattoos and what does it say about them?
We have made a list with some of the most common reasons why people get inked. See whether you find something interesting or similar to why you would do it.

10 of the Top Reasons Why People Get Tattooed

1.To Remind Them of a Person

Tattoo of a child’s portrait
These are the most personal types of tattoos. You could get it in writing, with a text including the name of a loved one who has passed away or a special item or animal representing a nickname or a private joke between the two of you. There are also those who wish to get the faces of the people they have lost permanently printed on their skin. And while this can be an amazing tribute, you need to be very careful because it all depends on the skill of the tattoo artist.

2.To Remind Them of Themselves

People can do things that amaze and inspire others, and every once and again, they can even impress themselves with the courageous things they do. And since these moments of self appreciation are incredibly rare, it is good to put down something that can permanently remind them of how strong they were at a moment in time.

3.To Celebrate a Special Moment in Life

Another one for good measure, upper/inner arm, where I hold my babies <3
A journey, a graduation, overcoming tough times or the birth of a family member can all be moments in life celebrated by getting a new tat. It all depends on how important it is to the person and how badly they want to remember it. For those who are excited about every session spent in the tattoo chair, it is like a reward for a job well done and for overcoming some personal obstacles.

4.As a Rite of Passage

In tribes, tattoos used to represent something: a passage from childhood to adulthood, marriage, becoming a man or becoming a woman, a warrior, a mother, a leader, a religious figure. Today, tattoos can be a form of independence and they can mark the idea of taking charge of one’s own body and life.

5.To Tell a Story Others Can Relate To

Celtic wedding ring tattoos
Sometimes, the trials we go through are not unique. Having a sick relative pass away, being cheated on, having a child, succeeding in life, can all be stories many people understand from a symbol, a quote, the verse of a song or from any other representative tattoo. It clearly states that the episode has defined the person and they want the world to be aware of it.

6.To Stand Out

Other times, we simply want to stand out. Painting the body so as not to get lost in a crowd is not something difficult to understand. Modern life can get very depersonalizing and still being able to do something different is important to many people.

7.As an Act of Rebellion

Did you think this would be our number one reason? Then know that very few people actually do this just to spite a parent or a life partner. Most of them have a real passion for body art and it makes them feel empowered. There is no room for other people’s opinions when it comes to one’s own body, unless the other person is a doctor telling them the procedure is not recommended on account of specific health conditions, or a tattooist saying that the design should be reconsidered.

8.To Fit In

It may be customary for certain communities to identify with specific symbols which are permanently painted on the skin. You can consider it both as a form or real dedication from the people getting the tattoo, as well as a solid commitment of acceptance from the adoptive group. Once the tat is on, everybody can identify that person as being a member of the group. Loyalty must work both ways.

9.As a Claim Over Their Body and a Protest against Society

If empowerment is what you are looking for, this is the best reason to get a tattoo. Many people feel completely overwhelmed with society’s body standards. The shape must be like this, the skin must be like that etc. Anything that does not conform is considered below standards. Therefore, some people wish to go further than simply not conform and they change their bodies so as to be even further away from standards as possible. It gives them a sense of proprietorship over their own bodies, more than they had felt before.

10.To Cover a Scar

Tattoo covering up a mastectomy scar
This is probably the most practical one of all. Scars and signs of illness and skin discoloration are best hidden with the help of beautiful tattoos. However, a doctor must be consulted before doing such procedures.
People get tattooed for a variety of reasons. If you asked, you’d find out that many of them are very personal. Some people actually want their privacy respected and some forms of body art are not even made public but hidden away on body parts covered by clothes and only very close friends may know about them, or one special person.
Maybe you would like to turn your interest from patterns everybody has or from designs you want people to ask about, to something truly personal and meaningful.