Where are the best Tattoo artists?

There are certain regions where tattoo artists are specialised in specific tattoo types.

• Thailand for example, is a place where Dotwork tattoos are being used frequently.
• If you want a Realism tattoo on the other hand, you’ll be able to find skilled artists in many corners of the world.
• Tribal tattoos are usually very basic but still they can be super advanced in some cases, it all comes down to the theme of the tattoo that you’re planning to make.

If you have a planned theme, present it to the tattoo artist and ask him/her to make a draft of it before you even consider scheduling an appointment.


Tattoo studio

If you’re located somewhere inside or nearby Scandinavia, consider a trip to the north of Sweden where, in my opinion, Scandinavia’s best tattoo artists are located.

Piteå to be exact.

The owners of Left Hand Tattoo and No Remorse are both located in Piteå and they have both won awards (different years) to boost their sttus as the best tattoo artists in Sweden.

By having 2 tattoo studios of the same excellence in the same region spurs the competition which is great for you since you want to have the best and cleanest tattoo that you possibly can get.

These two studios are usually fully booked, meaning that you either have to schedule an appointment in advance or show up every day until you get to take an appointment which someone else cancelled.

No pain, no gain.

Central Europe

I’ve been seeing lots of cool tattoo variations from Czech Republic recently. Watercolour tattoos being combined with Neo Traditional/Realism/New School styles are really impressive.

There are 2 Czech tattoo studios in particular that I have in mind, Studio Panter & Bobek Tattoo.

There’s an abundance of tattoos of a watercolour base with perfect transitions into other tattoo types, Bobek in particular.

These tattoos truly look like real art pieces and could have been great paintings if they would have been painted on a canvas.

This is how tattoos are supposed to look like, the variations comes in so many mixed styles that it’s basically is impossible to not appreciate them. Bobek Tattoo in particular.


Man with full arm tattoo

There are countless tattoo studios around Thailand, especially in Bangkok and Phuket.

Tattoos in Thailand tend to require more caution than what you would need when going to a tattoo studio in most other corners of the world.

In Thailand, it’s best advised to visit the tattoo artist before you can know if it’s wise and/or safe to get a tattoo there.

Ask the employees of the tattoo studio to show you pictures of old artwork. The Mimp Tattoo studio has multiple good artists and is located in Bangkok since year 2004.


Tattoo artist at work

Victor Chil is the guy to speak to if you ever want a tattoo in Spain.

He has been interviewed in various tattoo magazines because of his unique way to make characters look just as real as a photo. He is using a mixed style, with Realism as one of his strongest sides.

Mister Chil fuses 4 tattoo types together by different combinations of Realism, New School, Japanese and Traditional tattoos.

Victor is mainly into new school since it gives him more freedom when sketching the different tattoos.

As a consequence, the tattoos that he makes are all authentic enough for viewers to differentiate the tattoos from other ones. This guy is very humble and is not ashamed to say that he finds other tattoo artists inspirational.

Except from tattoo artists, he has fetched inspiration from very interesting characters such as Caravaggio and Goya! Victor Chil is a very renowned tattoo artist who started out as a 19-year old, which by the way, is the same time as he started doing graffiti.

Caroline Friedmann & Surrealism

Hands tattoo

Last but not least, although possibly tiniest, there’s Caroline Friedmann – probably the greatest tattoo artist in the Surrealism genre.

Her artwork is insanely impressive and she’s truly an expert in surrealism.

Most of her work is done by fusing on-the-spot realism with other realism themes, resulting in a picture of an alternative universe.

That same concept reminds one of Salvador Dali, a world known painter who actually passed away around the same time that Caroline Friedmann was born. Caroline Friedmann lives in Moscow, Russia and can be found in the Wool Tomahawk tattoo studio where she usually is quite busy.

Caroline lives in Russia but goes to conventions around Europe every now and then. That means that you don’t necessarily have to go to Russia to get a tattoo from her, but you can also get one of her tattoos next time she goes to Germany if you’re lucky.